Journal Six
Computer Aided Design Software for PASSAP E6000 Knitting Machine

Unleash your full creative potential today with Journal Six. Spend your design time productively. Stay organized. Relax and enjoy your knitting machine. It all becomes effortless when you use Journal Six.


  • Designed specifically for the PASSAP E6000
  • Simple, intuitive interface built for modern computers
  • Sophisticated image processing allows you to create high quality stitch patterns in minutes
  • Sketchbook component allows you to embellish your stitch patterns or create "from scratch" stitch patterns with powerful drawing tools including curved and slanted text
  • Takes full advantage of the download capabilities of your knitting machine for stitch patterns and card reader techniques or print cards for the card reader if you prefer
  • Draw downloadable charts for custom knitting instructions at the console, similar to the old Form 6 software
  • Easy to search database for projects, stitch patterns, knit techniques, and form programmes
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