Thursday, February 25, 2010

Journal Six Version 4 Now Available!

Brand new for 2010! Journal Six Version 4 is now available.  This is a free upgrade for current users.  If you purchased Journal Six prior to February 25, 2010, please go to Journal Six Support to claim your free upgrade.  (New group members will be approved once their purchase has been verified.)

Version 4 now allows you to back up and restore the Journal Six database.  This helps you keep your patterns safe and also makes  it easier to move them from one machine to another.

Curved and slanted text tools have been added to the stitch pattern sketchbook.  Here's an action shot:
Double click the picture for a larger version.

I've saved the best for last.  Version 4 introduces a new feature called downloadable charts.  Downloadable charts allow you to draw the shape you want to knit and download it to the console for custom shaping instructions while you knit, similar to the old Form 6 software.

First you draw the shape using the sketchbook:

And then you download:

You can even use the chart as template during stitch pattern designing:

Well that's enough programming for me.  I'm off to enjoy knitting-- with Journal Six, of course.

More information about Journal Six can be found at

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