Monday, October 1, 2012

Now through October 31st: Special reduced price for Journal Six in celebration of its 4th anniversary. $30.00 (USD) Off!

Journal Six is computer aided design software specifically made for the Passap e6000.  Check it out at


* Sophisticated image processing allows you to create high quality stitch patterns in minutes

*Sketchbook component allows you to embellish your stitch patterns or create "from scratch" stitch patterns with powerful drawing tools including curved and slanted text

*Takes full advantage of the download capabilities of your knitting machine for stitch patterns and card reader techniques or print cards for the card reader if you prefer

*Draw downloadable charts for custom knitting instructions at the console, similar to the old Form 6 software

*Easy to search database for projects, stitch patterns, knit techniques, and form programmes

All this and more is waiting for you at

Try the free demo today and join the fun!

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cariboolife said...

I am trying out the demo of Journal Six it worked on my old XP laptop but not on my Windows 10 (upgraded from Win7). My XP is really on its last legs so I would not like to waste one of my installs on it. Will Journal Six work on Windows 10?

I manage to get to the Settings, but I get an error 209 on the last step of ST.PATT, when I look that up it said Pattern Header corrupted.

I hope there is a work around cause Journal Six will make my life a lot less cluttered, all my knitting notes and Form codes in one place!

Thanks again for your explanations and information about Form, I'm new with Passap e6000 but love learning about all that it can do.

Janis U